Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6 - Hanging Around in Black and White

Continue working on the orchestration of King David: XXII. Song of the Forest of Ephraim (The Death of Absalom), and getting some Journals out, before riding out to DVC for much of Act III of Alban Berg's Wozzeck (the Claudio Abbado / Vienna Opera version) and dictation/voice-leading harmony on Paul McCartney's Yesterday.

After, in the lab, recording the orchestrations / compositions since last Thursday --

XVII. Song of Appraisal (Nathan's Prophecy)
XVIII. Song of Survival (David and Bathsheba)
XIX. Song of Repentence (Misere, Psalm 51:1-4)
XX. Passacaglia of Sex and Death (Psalm 51: 5-19)
XXI. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Psalm 121)
XXII. Song in the Forest of Ephraim

-- then home to orchestrate (the orchestration is the composition) XXIII. Motet: Absalom! Absalom!

(Absalon Fili Mi) and begin orchestrating XXIV. Rock and Strength and composing Psalms of David: Psalm 18.