Thursday, August 6, 2009

June 6 - Their Big Marin Wedding

It's the day of Crystal and Christina's ceremony, with Harriet, George, Bette, Sorrel,

seemingly half the choir of First Presbyterian Church San Rafael,

Carolyn's family, grown-up day-care kids, Montessori friends,

a plethora of bridesmaids, and many friendly others for

the main event (officiated by second-cousin John Gill).

Before enlightenment, the chop-wood-carry-water is house-cleaning, car-reorganization, lightbulb replacements, storage-reorganization, barber-stop, tuxedo-purchase, Garbage Ensemble mixes of Job: IV. Why Not Curse God and Die and V. Place a Curse, and Harriet's dash north from San Jose after a job to arrive just in time for us to head back southwest together to


After is a return through Jameson Canyon, a phone call to Bette, and four pages of orchestration for

Job: VI. Man Is Born to Suffer".