Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29 - Taking Possession

A second orchestrated page of John and Salome: V. Salome's Dance before an advance with Harriet on a gorgeous day toward Berkeley for another Patrick Dailly


rehearsal at Chamber Arts.

After a third instrumentalized sheet of J&S, a walk beyond Ashby and Claremont results in a happy serendipidous encounter with a Music Theoretician from DVC, followed by reverse course down

Webster to College and

return via palms and

parks. After lunch at an outdoor veg joint on Shattuck, fairly near Rose, there's little time beyond the newspaper before out the door again to

Sacramento's Arden Fair and the

Apple Store, where, after a considerable wait (actually not being served until after the store officially closes, but yet ultimately taken care of in a quite satisfactory manner) finally receive the repaired old laptop -- gratias deo -- then home transferring many sound files and a few Encores to the external storage unit and thence to the new computer, beginning the laborious process of renaming and reorganizing the audio collection.