Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10 - Second South Summer

Pick up enriched August paycheck, eventually pointing the car towards the equator on 680, past oak-studded Diablo Foothills,

east (where "Jesus Saves" on a hill -- a little hard to read at this angle) up

and down Altamont Pass and

south on 580 curving around the notorious Speedway,

connecting with I-5 beyond quixotic Corral Hollow,

in a violence of blues, browns, and greens near Buttonwillow,

to the Transverse Ranges, marred


but still starred.

Up to Tejon,

over the Summit and below Gorman,

the route undulates above Pyramid Lake

and Piru

Canton Canyons,

then down the upstairs of Violin

to Castaic and


back up and


semi-Big-Cone-Douglas-Fir-clad Gavin,

to 210 before the Front Country of the San Fernando Valley.

One more ascending



descent of the Verdugos,

leaving Sunland,

and Pasadena behind in the shadows of

Mt. Wilson,

the silhouettes of Baldy (Mt. San Antono),

Ontario and Cucamonga Peaks beckon,

into the darkness of Yucaipa, greeting John Browning and family,

then retiring in the palmy

moonlit night.