Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19 - Pleasant All the Way

Wake up to a renewed noisy computer (the sounds haven't gone away, just calmed down a bit since taken in last time)

so off again to the Apple Store, this time

south of Walnut Creek, since the more local one is closed for renovation, to Pleasanton, where, Beckettianly nothing much is to be done -- though am reassured that the laptop should hum along for quite awhile, but just with this increased hum... (hmm....). Elect not to leave the computer for examination, as need it every day for examinations, etc., teaching. Perhaps only solution is to buy another and use in alteration as needed (additonally Harriet could use the second, as she is not exactly state-o-art at present w/ old PC desktop).

Back north to

Pleasant Hill and

Diablo Valley College.

Brief jaunt up to the Library with its views

back towards the Music Building

and the campus



Then back past sculptured

lawns beyond

Math to Music for third day of Theory, with Lowell Mason's Mary Had a Little Lamb for dictation and keyboard solfege. Lab Tritone Orchestra recordings follow of


SCENE IX - MONOLOGUE - "I am still young"

SCENE X - WHIRLWIND - "Who are you"

SCENE XI - EPILOGUE - "Lord blessed the last part"



Fairfield and

Poverty Hills, beyond to Davis to examine Richard Strauss Salome score,

retiring to point of origin in the twilight somewhere off in Pleasants Valley, orchestrating page 1 of

John and Salome: I. Turn.