Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3 - The Fog Is Clearing Again, Maybe

Up too early but really not early at all and out to Novato for a car check-up and light-fix, grading Music History papers over a breakfast burrito while the fog breaks.

Back on 37 towards Mt. Diablo's twin peaks to

Diablo Valley College to join other

industriousness-in-progress by recording the Tritone Orchestra version of

Esther Xerxes: X. Proclamation Issued

then to U.C. Davis

Shields Library,

past avid cellphoners, to research orchestration for

Job: A Masque, inspired by Ralph Vaughan Williams, William Blake, et. al,


towards the low sun over the Coast Ranges

to orchestrate Job SCENE I - INTRODUCTION - "What You Been Doing?", take a bike-and-pool break with Harriet (along with other unexpected excitements), and start the instrumentalizing of

SCENE II - "We Were Plowing" (a 12-bar blues on the opening of Alban Berg's Three Pieces for Orchestra: III. March).