Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14 - Stoned, Pining

Back to greenery of Pleasant Hill and

Diablo Valley College for August 2009 Music (including Owen, Nancie, Dick, Mark S., Monty, Rory, Steve...)

Department Faculty (...Doug, Rachid, Bruce...)

Meeting (...Bret, Michael, John, and Sara), followed by Tritone Orchestra recording of

JOB: A MASQUE, Op. 79 (1999)

SCENE I - INTRODUCTION - "What you been doing?"

SCENE II - DIRGE - "We were plowing"

SCENE III - DOUBLE - "Where have you been?"

SCENE IV - CANON - "Curse God and die"

SCENE V - MOTET - "Put a curse"

SCENE VI - DIALOGUE I - "Man is born to suffer"

SCENE VII - DIALOGUE II - "Empty words"

Home via Suisun Valley to begin the orchestration of

SCENE IX - MONOLOGUE - "I am still young"