Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20 - Lines of Communication

Quiz 1 for the Theoreticians (Treble Clef, C Major Scale Solfege, Mason Mary Had a Little Lamb Scale Degrees), Marin paper-grading (all 35 students get A's) and post box, returning via the wine country of Southern Sonoma,


the experience

for all it's worth.

Back in more local environs,

working on second-page orchestration of John and Salome: I. Turn, and the computer suddenly shuts off. Google info and it looks like RSS -- Random Shutdown Syndrome -- although it's looking like not exactly arbitrary: both times occurring while using Encore, a program which usually seems cause the fan to particularly object... but now the cooler is quiet, which makes one further suspicious. Make appointment at Sacramento Apple Store (since Pleasanton is gong to be closed for renovations and Walnut Creek still seems not an option) -- so we shall see...

Laptop still limping along, however, and am able to finish above orchestrational disposition, continue assisting Harriet with Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera 2009-2010 Season X brochure, and make calls for

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Haunted House Science Fiction Quiz Show.