Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22 - Pilgrimages

More orchestration of John and Salome: II. "You Snakes!", and off to Berkeley, after computerless night,

for second (first or third, for some other participants) Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera rehearsal of Patrick Dailly's Solidarity, at

Chamber Arts House.

Production meeting and a walk

(east on Russell Street

towards the

Claremont Hotel) follow,

swinging around on the Boulevard, before jumping autowise on

Route 24 towards Mt. Diablo, rendezvous'ing with a composer at our place, then heading in the

strangely dark skies across the

Yolo lowlands

towards Sacramento to pick up computer.

There's downtime at Starbucks, while Apple folks attempt to finish up the transfer of files (they succeed re programs but not content...yet...), then return through

the evening sky. Successfully get back online, pull files over from external storage unit documents, plus picture and sound files. Encore works, but only from LaCie disk, iTunes playlist organization not apparent. Nice features (including preview pictures for many types of files and a slightly better slideshow) on the new computer but problems as well, such as iTunes' insistent imposition of useless track numbering; Finder now insisting on preserving extensions when highlighting, and apparently forgetting how to alphabetize in search mode and slide shows.