Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24 - Charming Situations

Snake Charmer as dictation for the Theoreticians, with interval work from P1 through tritone, F Lydian and Major, and brief looks ahead to D Dorian, Minor, and Major -- plus a melody and its inversion for Board Harmony. Record Tritone Orchestra versions of

John and Salome

I. Turn

II. You Snakes!

Mapped on G.F. Handel Messiah -- Comfort Ye and Ev'ry Valley -- with Snakes! also inspired by Stephen Schwartz's Godspell: Alas, Alas for You.

With Doug watching over around coffeebreak, am able to successfully re-activate Encore and turn off the sync mode for the iPod, so at least can power it up...

Home through Cordelia



the hills,

completing another orchestrated page of J&S: III. I Should Be upon return, and discovering that the new computer scans and prints as usual. Also re-establish in evening, thanks to Erling, the Cyberduck posting-of-audio, as ear-witnessed by sound files above.