Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28 - From Hour to Shining Hour

Up and out for Purcell Dioclesian

(watched over by Durand [the fight coach] and Harriet) /

Alburger Diocletian rehearsal at Chamber Arts, where we begin staging the latter --

Maria Mikheyenko (Edward Gibbon),

Alexandre Jerenic (Diocletian, surrounded by her court of sycophants: Erin Lahm, Robin Costa, Kathrine Cornelius, Annemarie Ballinger, Allison Collins)

Kimberly Anderman (Drusilla)

-- and make an initial press photo plunge with Kim and Alix.

Then we're off to San Francisco, lunching at Thinker's Cafe, before dropping Harriet off at Community Music Center and getting that concert look at Louis' Barber Shop.

Across San Francisco, past Delores Park

and palms,

Bernal Heights and

San Bruno Mountain loom north of Colma, where a score is scored for Sex and the Orchestra.

The San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra concert features a full house and excellent performances.


Mark Alburger, Music Director

Free-for-All (But for You, $15)

8pm, Saturday, February 28, Old First Church, San Francisco, CA
Mark Alburger, David Sprung, Martha Stoddard, and Erling Wold, conducting


Phil Freihofner - What Are You Going to Dream Tonight

Davide Verotta - Yanitl

John Beeman - Adagio

Gary Friedman - Romance for Wind Sextet

Lisa Scola Prosek - Serenade for Trumpet

David Sprung - Serendipities


Erling Wold - Two Orchestral Waltzes for Lynne
I. Ludmilla Waltz
II. Empress Waltz

Mark Alburger - Sex and the Orchestra, Op. 171
I. Happy Funeral Music (The Little Death)
II. Downfall (Detumescence)

Michael Cooke - String Theory

David Graves / Clare Twohy - Fireproof Winds

Loren Jones - February's Children


Big fete afterwards at an Italian place in Polk Gulch, then home, contemplating the beginning of the orchestration to Saul! Saul!: X. Author of Peace.