Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1 - Farewell Hello

Harriet at W.A. Mozart Marriage of Figaro rehearsal in Berkeley most of the day while I say goodbye to the orchestration of Babe Ruth: IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside), blitzing through 11 pages, for a total of 19 in the movement and 34 for the piece. Not exactly an extended score...

Moving towards finishing up the March 2009 issue of 21st-Century Music (, eventually at; re-visiting George Crumb Black Angels, Makrokosmos I and II, and Peter Peter Maxwell Davies Eight Songs for a Mad King; and casting about for orchestrational source material for Saul! Saul!, next up. Also received contract from St. Mary's today, so looks like the Music in the Enlightenment course is a go (syllabus-in-development is fourth posting from top at