Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11 - Somewhere Over Pleasant Hill

Way up high,

there's a rainbow above sky-dampened reflections,

after a second pleasant get-together with the gifted folks at St. Mary's (A.J., Karina, and Christine, now joined by Fabby), backing up for a bit of notation, solfege (Guido d'Arezzo), and chant (Gregory the Great et al), and then incrementally ahead with music of Costanzo Festa and Henry VIII. Beyond, it's the aforementioned commute to Diablo Valley for Close Encounters of the Theoretical Kind -- dictation being the Medieval carol Orientis Partibus (a.k.a. Song of the Ass), followed by more entertaining compositions of our talented 26 (at least insofar as attendance today). Additionally, it's a Marin day, so over the Richmond Bridge and through the San Quentin Peninsula we go to

San Rafael to drop off the March 2009 issue of 21st-Century Music (online at and next week at, check the post box, grade papers, etc.,

then back over the bridge, mushroomy clouds glowering in the East Bay against sketchy nuclear illuminations,

to Lisa Scola Prosek's for an intimate musical soiree, featuring her new Piano Sonatina, Loren Jones's Quartet, and music (score magnified by the new projector) from Saul! Saul! (I. An Infant rais'd by his Command [a.k.a Hannah's Lament]) and II. Along the Atheist Monsters Strode) and Samson and Delilah (The Frank Judges): VIII. Disunity. Another genial San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra board meeting follows -- including the unveiling of the soon-to-be notorious postcard for Free-for-All (But for You, $15) and Loren's aside re his early experiences in bands:

"We put too much gunpowder in the exploding robot's head..."

Which certainly seems to be the subject of a piece someday...

-- then home, via Marin again, to Harriet again, and the orchestration of S!S!: III. O early Piety!, again (page 3).