Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16 - Working Vacation

Perhaps teaching at two schools means never having to say that you have a holiday, but it's delightful enough, despite the alternating torrents and shafts of gold, to spend time in a second week at St. Mary's, with our talented trio delving into an analysis of Henry VIII's Pastime with Good Company and making our way (finally) through most of the first week's material -- to the Sudanese Funj Sultinate and just about up to Thomas Tallis.

Back on the road again, taking leave of institution's namesake Ridge shedding bits of precip suspiciously whitish, we make our way back to the Lafayette-Moraga Trail,

with its vistas of the former's highlands,

sun hesitantly breaking through to this old railroad grade.

Short jaunt, barely long enough to appreciate the scrimmed views of the Las Trampas country adjacent to its Creek, before heading to a Chinese place for lunch, NYT, and paper grading (virtually everyone is doing quite well in the Diablo Valley Theory Class and at St. Mary's).

A brief stop at DVC to record Saul! Saul!: III. O early Piety! and IV. Fell Rage and Black Despair possessed Us before sailing up the slick roads back home, where Clare and Tisha have joined us, evidently for a 1920's revival.

Nothing to be done but orchestrate pages 3-6 of S!S!: V. O Lord, how Merciless numb (the title keeps changing), before succumbing to the numbness of nocturnal nostalgia.