Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26 - Quiz Show

Test days are definitely the easy ones, even when the hours include another rehearsal with the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. So, after Quiz 6 for the Theoreticians (with examples from music of Claudio Monteverdi, Carlo Gesualdo, Heinrich Schutz, Henry Purcell, Antonio Vivaldi, and Johann Sebastian Bach), there's even time to record Saul! Saul!: VII.-VII. Oh Beauty! - Is There a Man in the lab and beginning of IX. Symphony (Passacaglia) - Hide and Seek (Ye) (three more pages orchestrated previous to this), plus take a short stride from Olympic West Trailhead (with its views of Mt. Diablo)

up Reliez Station Road (with glimpses of Lafayette Ridge).

Then back in the car, past Shakespeare Hill

to rehearsal of the Orchestra, including Lisa Scola Prosek's Serenade for Trumpet

and Erling Wold's Two Orchestral Waltzes for Lynne,

the latter having close to the same instrumention as Sex and the Orchestra,

Michael Cooke's String Theory, David Graves and Clare Twohy's Fireproof Winds, and Loren Jones's February's Children (for more info on Saturday's concert --