Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21 - A Lotta Day Music

Fourth rehearsal, with Harriet et. al., of the Diocle[s](t)ians at Chamber Arts, the sun pouring in,

and we run the Henry Purcell, with hard-working Alix, Maria, Erin, Allison, Robin, Indre, Kat,

Anne Marie, and Kim (leaving all of five minutes for Mark Alburger... but a good run-through of the three brief choruses, nonetheless)--

after which we are thrilled to cast Maria Mikheyenko (shown here, right, with Erin Lahm, during the Mice and Men run this past September) as Delilah in Sex and Delilah (excerpts from Samson... [The Frank Judges]), to be presented in May as part Fresh Voices IX.

On another front, a front moves in, and the gray skies motivate a return to U.C. Davis to further learn from G.F. Handel's orchestrational-oratoric spin on the subject for Saul! Saul!, whereupon a relatively late return in made, to begin orchestration of S!S!: VII. O Fairest!