Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 19 - Seen Thrills of Mirth

Another day past Paradise Valley,

and Eden. Are we having fun yet in

the gray mists of St. Mary's? Sure. With Music in the Enlightment from c. Andrea Gabrieli to up to Thoinot Arbeau (the dancing-master writer-possibly-composer of Orchesographie) and Palestrina (including a brief wander to Sudan), concluding our second week together.

Then the masked gala balls clear again, Mt. Diablo breaking out of the mist at its namesake college for Louis Bourgeois's Old Hundreth in Theory, marking the sign of the repertory crossing between the two courses. Home to Harriet thereafter, with a post-valentine rose, finishing the orchestration of 12 pages that are Saul! Saul!: V. O Lord, how mercilous numb (Song of the Philistines).