Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2 - The Spirit Line Unfolding

The road goes ever on, until it doesn't, but today it leads back to St. Mary's College to drop off contract, followed by a brief visit with Marty Rokeach (checking out room and logistics, etc.), and a slightly-longer-than expected stroll on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail, heading from the latter to the former (i.e. north),

past the pure lines of Rheem Ridge,

complacent side valleys,

and the distant Las Trampas highlands, watching the light fade,

as it lamentably did for Lukas Foss, whose passing was announced in the NYT.

As for some of the quick, earlier in the day, the Theoreticians notate a bit of an even older forbearer (L.v. Beethoven, harmonized out-of-time in parallel fifths, although certainly not so ancient as what follows), sing a bit of supposed ancient Syrian transcription (now, that's getting back there, at least musically), and listen to a bit contemporary compositional inspiration from our talented classmates.

Even earlier (day-wise),while working on 21st-Century Music and the Music History text, discover that it is suddenly impossible to add further selections to the blogs, so, several phone calls with the angelic Erling (ever patient) and the ISP re music storage, and the problem is at last solved, not without eroding morning's worktime significantly, alas.

After Theory, a brief stint in the lab recording Babe Ruth: IV, then much later, return home briefly to Harriet and head out again to Davis, consulting the shade of a third past creator, that of G.F. Handel in Saul, for instrumental possiblilites in Saul! Saul!, Op. 67 -- the orchestration of which is just begun before the darkness of sleep intervenes.