Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14 - Happy Funeral Valentines

Here we are with Alix, Kat, Maria, Anne-Marie, Allison, Kim, Robin, and Indre, singing you a


Valentines Day, as part of Happy Funeral Music from Diocletian, which goes quite well in our third San Francisco Cabaret Opera rehearsal along with detailed attention to Great Diocletian, EIEIO Thunder, Country Dance, and Speak, Flame.

Raining off and on all day, so not much motivation to, say, head up the I-680 corridor again, beautiful as it nevertheless typically was on the way down, with vistas of the Sulfur Springs Mountains, Long Barn, Chinese Wall,

deciduous and evergreen broadleaf trees of Eden, and even a bit of

snow on Mt. Diablo, with its Kilimanjaro cloud cover.

Instead, spend an inordinately long time producing a revised piano-vocal score for Samson and Delilah: VIII. Death (The Lion) before the evening Fresh Voices Composer-Performer Get-Together,

with presentations featuring Skye, John Billota, Harriet, and talented new foks, plus S&D: X. Delilah, illuminated on a wall, courtesy of the new projector.

Upon return orchestrate another page of Saul! Saul!: IV. Chorus - Fell Rage and Black Despair possessed Us (The Death of Eli).