Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3 - Restless Wonder

Another orchestrated page (2) of Elijah Rock: XXIV. Benhadad (Jezebel and Elisha), plus Journal work and filing, before driving under unusual skies (for this time of year in Northern California, anyway),

past Lynch Canyon South,

past cryptic

hillocks and

slopes near

St. John Mine Mountain Ranch,

to the first rehearsal of the San Francisco Composer's Chamber Orchestra Dreams of the Restless, with music by Phil Freihofner, Lisa Scola Prosek (above left),

Davide Verotta,

Allan Crossman (featuring the wonders of Tom Nunn's Sonoglyph), Loren Jones,

Mark Alburger,

Michael Cooke (including magic moments for guchin), and Erling Wold and Fognozzle.