Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12 - Smoking Rehearsal

No, that's not the fervor of holy fire (perhaps distracting a run-through of Lisa Scola Prosek's Voodoo Storm), just

Fognozzle checking his pyrotechnics for his piece with Erling Wold (In the Stomach of Fleas) later in the

dress rehearsal for tomorrow's San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Restless Dreams show.

Meanwhile, there's Steve Adams performing

Philip Freihofner's Obelisk,

Martha Stoddard conducting Davide Verotta's L'imagine feroce,

John Kendall Bailey at the helm for the Loren Jones Eagle Bear Woman and

Two Islands, and Mark Alburger directing his King David Suite, plus Allan Crossman's Plasticity (with Tom Nunn on his invented Sonoglyph), Michael Cooke's A Baby Sleeps (featuring guchin and sheng), and the aforementioned sound-and-light Fleas. Wow! So inspiring that it's time to orchestrate another page (9) of Elijah Rock: XXIV. Benhadad (The Purges and Jezebel).