Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17 - One of Those Days

Finish the orchestration of Elijah Rock: XXIV. Benhadad (The Purges and Jezebel) (22 pages total), do some filing and Journal work, then down to the Apple Store in

Walnut Creek to pick up a tax program, before yet another hike on and

near the Lafayette-Moraga Trail towards its southern end,

from the deceptively rural

M Center,

as the fog invades

seasonably arid hills,

returning on Canyon Way past a bicycular traffic citation apparently just outside the city border,

St. Monica's, and

an angled (can-do?) pre-school.

Back in the car, below and

over Rheem Hill

with the stratus swirling about St. Mary's and

Las Trampas Ridge, it's time to record

Elijah Rock: XXIV. Benhadad (The Purges and Jezebel)

at Diablo Valley College (with brand-new computers in the lab), then home, beginning instrumentalization of XXV. Joash (Elisha and the Falls).