Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21 - Heaven and Hell

Up reasonably early, perhaps in practice for tomorrow, importing class rosters; re-writing Music History syllabus online at; printing out piano syllabi; printing up first half of Piano: Beginning and Beyond at printers; re-organizing garage in preparation of the return of boxes (platforms), flats, screens, stairs;

accompanying Harriet to rent truck (there is a definite need for one larger than the van of a c. week-and-a-half past -- English Hills pictured, but looks like the driving is, too), returning to Kinko's to print up the rest of the books;

bouncing down I-80 (an adventursome ride in the rental, definitely more congenial, however, than the previous twice's van) past St. John Mine Hill Ranch; serendipidously meeting up with Cynthia Weyyuker again on the way to taking in

Peter Josheff's Inferno (libretto by Jamey Robles) -- quite impressive, compositionally, librettoly, stagecraftily (re lighting, set, and Harriet March Page's direction), with first-class dancers and pianistic fireworks, and a wow cast including Eliza O'Malley, Richard Mix, and a talented newcomer to the scene who has performed with John Kendall Bailey's Trinity Opera, among others.

Afterwards, more familar folks -- Douglas Mandell and Miriam Lewis, Alex Katsman, Janet Lohr, Ed Knight (up from Djerassi with his cousin, and now about to leave town after his month's residency -- ah the time...), Mary Watkins, Anne Calloway, Adam Broner -- and loading up the van (first collecting it on the other side of Live Oak

Park), assisting in the moving of other parts of the set (old tires, dead tree, somebody's really beat-up favorite old chair, five c. 1950's "antique" floor fans),

banging across town on Shattuck for the pizza, etc., cast-and-friends party at Chamber Arts, then home past

the Claremont,

Mt. Diablo,

and another Arco sunset. Thereafter, debrief with Harriet re the recent shows, and begin orchestration of The Opera of Daniel: II. Nebuchadnezzar's First Dream.