Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22 - Building Up

Up early printing up extra first chapters of the piano book, unloading the truck (re-distributing items in house and garage), taking it back to rental place (after two stops to refill fuel tank just so), picking up bound books at printer's, back home finishing first-chapter print-outs, gathering videos, out the door, stopping for car re-fueling, arriving at school, cuing videos, teaching first day of summer semester full-capacity Music History and Piano classes (both with more of an improvisational edge than, say, five years ago),

stopping off in the lab to record The Opera of Daniel: I. By the Waters of Babylon / Psalm 138 (which begins a new album-in-progress, East-West Dissonance), lingering for coffee and donuts with Doug & Owen & Brett, home, finishing the orchestration of Daniel: II. Nebuchadnezzar's First Dream,

beginning to plan with Harriet the 2010 Fresh Voices X Season, including Sex and the Bible: The Opera.