Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19 - Circling Round

Two pages written/orchestrated of Psalm 137 / The Opera of Daniel: I. By the Waters of Babylon, plus July 2009 issue of 21st-Century Music ( and formatted for printing before heading past the

traffic in the

Sulfur Springs Mountains and

across 37 to

Marin and

the printers, plus checking the post box, then over the bridge and through the tunnel to Moraga's wonders again, now parking at the

Valle Vista Trailhead / southern terminus of the

Lafayette Trail for a final walk on the old railroad right-of-way,

with ridges all around,

returning via the water district lands,

with a sidetrail over the drowned lower reaches of Upper San Leandro Creek,

then backtracking through EBMUD pines and

the car, making the way to Diablo Valley College to record

Elijah Rock

XXV. Joash (Elisha and the Falls) and

Epilogue (Samaria and Jerusalem).

Two more pages of composition / orchestration of Psalm 137 / Daniel upon return.