Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26 - Es Is Genug


This is becoming really insignificant.


Not enough.

Finish the orchestration of King David: XIII. The Lamentations of Gilboa, and record that plus

XII. March of David and the Philistines after class.

But first, have to get there, so off we go again to Diablo Valley College Music Theory, for Quiz 10, with excerpts from George Gershwin, Sergei Prokofiev, Anton Webern, and Louis Armstrong. Tutorial with a few students after, including Scott, set up with his reader adjacent to lab computer, which makes for an efficient use of time. Somehow there's also a sufficient interval to take in the sunshine from adjacent to Las Trampas Ridge and


before blasting back to Marin, between San Rafael Hill and

San Pedro


over the Pacheco Grade for car maintenance, then home to gather instrumental forces for beginning of KD: XV. Feat Song.