Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7 - The Privilege of Rebirth

Another glorious, sad day, with the soft undulations of Mt. Diablo and the Sulfur Springs Foothills beckoning,

on the way east of Eden,

the snaky evergreen-oak ravines above Long Barn,

and the Chinese Wall for another

Dioclesian/Diocletian rehearsal, finishing an initial staging of this short version of the latter, from I. Abject and Obscure (with Maria Mikheyenko [Edward Gibbon], Alexandra Jerenic [Diocletian], Katherine Cornelius, Indre Viscontis, and Annmarie Ballinger) to

VI. Country Dance (with the addition of Allison Collins, Robin Cox, and Kimberly Anderman [Drusilla].

After a walk on the Reliez Valley Station / Glenside Road Trail, with views of Rheem Hill,

past oaks and

forelorn abandonment,

a rendezvous with the U.C. Davis Library copy of Arthur Honegger's Le Roi David provides guidance for the beginning of King David orchestration.