Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4 - Cloudier Mountains Verdant of Earth

The continuing saga of the rain continues, in shadow and sun, past a vivid Cordelia Junction from afar (the warehouses are almost forgivable)

or anear,

rocketing to the cumulo-nimbus of Diablo,

the Pleasant Hill offramp,

and St. Mary's, where Claudio Monteverdi (definitely Green Mountain and/or Forest) reigns supreme, blasting off again for DVC and Franz Gruber Silent Night dictation,

then to Marin for paper grading, postbox (with greetings), and a view of the Big Rock Ridge and Terra Linda Divide from Macy's, as thoughts turn to finishing the orchestration of Saul! Saul!: XI. Make an Offer (through page 134 of score) and also that of XII. Infernal People (all of two pages more).