Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13 - Chantly Charms of the Hills

Finish Psalm 23, Op. 172, and the orchestration of

King David: II. Evil Spirit (part of the album Hill Country Music, and learning a new temporary recording technique by converting Sibelius file into audio, and increasing dynamics and reverb in GarageBand) before heading out to

Berkeley, up University Avenue to the beckoning, undulating hills near

The Hillside Club (or should we say Clvb?, and, exactly, how shall we say it?),

with its cozy views of redwoods

and stately architecture,

beyond an impressive mantle, for tonight's amazing San Francisco Cabaret Opera / Goat Hall Productions presentation of W.A. Mozart's

The Marriage of Figaro, directed by Harriet March Page, to a packed house including

DVC Music Literature students.

Somewhere in all this, before leaving home and in the interval between initial set-up and box-office work, orchestrate all of K.D.: III. What You Doing?