Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21 - David, Diocletian, Sex

[Kimberly Anderman, Maria Mikheyenko, Alison Collins]

Finish the composition of Psalm 57 and orchestration of King David: IX. Pity! before madly dashing off to Chamber Arts, arriving at the appointed hour to find that Durand and Harriet's rehearsals have switched, so am off the hook for awhile and able to start instrumentation of KD: X. In Saul's Camp, working luxuriously on the very mobile laptop -- still a notational novelty.

[Indre Viskontas]

Eventually we get around to Alburger music/staging with MIDI tracks (which Harriet likes), then blocking for Purcell and photo shoot.

Lateral the Sex and Delilah, Op. 173, music, hot off the press to Maria, and send her sound files of same. Rain and chill, time to go home,

finish KD: X. and begin composition of Psalm 27 and scoring of KD: XI. When the Wicked Came.