Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27 - Bright Friday


Harriet, Claire, and I head out via

Walla Walla Canyon, into

clearing skies, for

Richland to visit

Doug and Miriam, who are visiting

Miriam's mother during the long Thanksgiving weekend, followed by an

about face in the setting sun, with views of

Columbia Gorge and

lonely poles, before turning back up



past farms,


to the

Plateau, again with views

downslope and

across the plain

(with train)

to the environs of the Blue Mountains.

A quick stop in the

last light back at

Tisha's, and we are off again

to College Place to visit

Leonard and June, then back for a

family meeting, and a finishing up of Michael Dirda's Book by Book, begun yesterday. Some work on iTunes cataloging and late-night googling on the iPhone of weather conditions, and it's a shaky lights out.