Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25 - Slanting Northwest

Out with Harriet by 11am into the blazing Central Valley, north, parallel to the ever-beckoning Coast Ranges,



out of the Dunigan Hills, with the mirage of

Sutter Buttes to the east,

as, eventually,

oppositely, Snow and St. John Mountains loom,

with Shasta a northerly distant dream,

until the Valley undulates and

narrows at Mountain Gate,

into the high country, where I-5 snakes past the

half-bathtub-of-a-reservoir that is the Lake,

North Gray Rocks,

Castle Crags,

and Shastina's mate.

Beyond Black Butte, the mountains recede from the high

Valley, past




forlorn cows (real and sculpted -- but which?),

the heroic setting and

modest bustle of Yreka,

up the Anderson Grade,

down into

Klamath Canyon,

to mount the (eventually) snow-clad Siskiyous.

Lights out in Oregon's Rogue River fog, and the miles unfold to a Troutdale overnight by the Columbia River.