Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10 - Never Forgetting

Provisional finish of the December 2009 issue of 21st-Century Music (21st-centurymusic.blogspot.com and soon at 21st-centurymusic.com and in print), with an article on Iannis Xenakis; Theory class is a double dictation on Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach: Bed (four measures) and Roger Waters's Shine On You Crazy Diamond: III -- with discussion on figured bass and keyboard-solfege from John Williams's Star Wars: The Force. Light lunch at

Elephant Bar, grading papers; purchase a 12' audio cable for the Macbook connection to the stereo in the lecture hall; then evenng

Literature class (in spread-out quiz mode above) from the Charles Ives Three Places in New England through Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. After


instructions, out with Doug and Owen to the ever-popular new local bistro, then home late to orchestrate page 13 of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XXVII. The Sower.