Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16 - Farewell to the Future

8:30am and the tow truck arrives an hour early. It's time to donate the 2002 Echo -- faithful but ailing, in all of its 313,000 miles -- to Capital Public Radio, specifically to support their classical programming.

Adieu to a fine car,

then (after incorporating Salome's Dance from John and Salome into The Gospel According to St. Matthew) off to DVC in the new vehicle for a double dictation on Philip Glass's Satyagraha (4 bars of the opening -- all contrary-motion chords for the purpose of this exercise) and Akhnaten (6 bars of the Love Duet -- all common-tone harmony).

Home thereafter, past the Chinese Wall, more incorporation with Ah Marvellous becoming XXX. Herod's Response in Gospel Matthew, then the gym with Harriet and yet a third melding with John Salome's "Bring Me the Head" as XXXI. The Head of John the Baptist).