Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7 - Adventurous Listening

The San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Haunted House Science Fiction Quiz Show turns out to be quite a concert, enthusiastically received by a capacity crowd at Oakland's Chapel of the chimes, including

Phil Freihofner - It's Only the Wind
Loren Jones - The Secret Garden
Gerhard Samuel - night and trees
Lisa Scola Prosek - Roma
Davide Verotta - Death Will Come and Have Your Eyes
Erling Wold - Sweet Encumbrance
Mark Alburger - Elijah Ghost
Michael Cooke - Open Ended

There's time fore for orchestration of Page 9 Gospel According to St. Matthew: XXVII. The Sower, printing up the program at Kinko's, and a libation with Harriet at the Tiki Bar at the corner of Pleasant Valley and Piedmont, then aft to greet well-wishers and return to the publication-preparation and visual libretto for

Sex and the Bible: 7. Amazing Joseph: II. Meanwhile Judah Left Home.