Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29 - Centuries of Sound

21st-Century Music work in the morning before rendevouz'ing with the Theoreticians for the Treble and Bass Quiz, with musical examples drawn from European/American folk, Japanese, Asian Indian, Ancient Greek, and Gregorian chant traditions -- after which, lo and behold, my missing power cord (as we know, the power chords are always with us, as above) shows up -- rejoice!

So it's time to celebrate by heading home and working on the upcoming Music and the Enlightenment course, putting up material in reference to the Piero Weiss / Richard Taruskin Music in the Western World: A History in Documents Baroque selections (when reaching the latter years of the period, the 18th Century really rules in this realm, at least for the moment -- Harriet is in the next room doing staging for the W.A. Mozart Marriage of Figaro), plus another orchestrated page (6) of Babe Ruth: IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside).