Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9 - State of Grace

Harriet out on a job while much is orchestrated, including another staff of Gospel Matthew: XXXIX. The Cross (Qui Vult Venire), then the third day past a snowy Diablo to the College, for fine student presentations from Matt, Ryan, and Max. Snack bar paper grading is followed by recording in the lab of

The Gospel According to St. Matthew

XXXVII. The Rock (Tu Es Petrus) and

XXXVIII. The Prophecy and Denuciation (Get Thee Behind Me Satan)

After picking up more Sex and the Bible scores at Copy World, it's time for another Composer Soiree at Lisa's (with delightful and intriguing music by Loren Jones, David Graves, and Lisa Scola Prosek, plus Salome Suite) and the monthly

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Board Meeting with the aforesaid, plus Michael Cooke, Phil Freihofner, and Erling Wold (the latter above with Loren) -- then home through Marin with postal greetings.