Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17 - Celestial Mechanics

Last day of Theory -- finishing up exam, plus performances of final compositions -- but first we have to get there, with the fog creeping into

Lagoon Valley,

over the



Mountains, then

south on 680

past Long


the slopes



Hovel Hills,

and Horse Farm, to

the Mothball Fleet,

Benicia Bridge and



Eveyone does and sounds great, with a finale live performance by Amanda and Joe watched over by

Logan, Lisa, Oren, Ryan,

Tim, Alex, Jeff, Ross, Taylor, Brian, Pamela, Spencer, Dan,

Chase, Sammy, Matt, Stuart, Charlie, Ian, Max, Curt, and

Bernie (Will having to leave a little early for work and Ben out of the camera's range). Home eventually with a couple more orchestrated pages (3 and 4) of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: LXI. Concerto for Confusion and Contention.